BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds


Clash in the Clouds offers a great opportunity to delve in those action filled moments we all loved in the original game. Although killing wave after wave of enemies in 4 different maps might get old relatively quickly, the implementation of the Blue Ribbons adds variety to gameplay and require a higher strategy level.

Clash in the Clouds is a good example of what DLC should be like. Instead of bringing more of the same, it does something completely new. It makes you experience Bioshock: Infinite from a completely different perspective en pushes you to do the best you can. Even if you get through all four arena’s and manage to get every collectible, there’s still the challenge of beating your high score.


This DLC hasn't the answers that we were looking for, but it's still a good content for BioShock Infinite fans. Pure action packed in a downloadable content with some hours of additional shooting gameplay.

Official Xbox Magazine UK

It's depressing to see a developer that applied so intense a spotlight to existing practices and archetypes resort to so generic an expansion.

Eurogamer Spain

A nice warm-up for the long awaited return to the depths of Rapture.


Due to its mature, breathtaking narrative, perhaps we sometimes forget that BioShock Infinite is, at heart, a true FPS. Clash in the Clouds, on the other hand, will shoot you in the face if you try to forget it.

Metro GameCentral

A good excuse to experiment with BioShock Infinite’s often underrated combat, but the overall experience still feels somewhat underwhelming.

Games Master UK

A fine idea, but Infinite's combat isn't quite visceral enough to keep you (sky)hooked. [Nov 2013, p.69]


Clash in the Clouds is a decent enough diversion until the main event, Burial at Sea, eventually arrives. For as long as the leaderboards and museum can keep you entertained, there’s nothing inherently wrong with what Clash in the Clouds is offering.


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