Teleglitch: Die More Edition


Teleglitch is one of those rare few games that gets everything it attempts to do right. The oppressive atmosphere, crafting system, glitchy visuals, and careful combat are all done extremely well. The only negative thing that can be said for it is that it’s unforgiving.


Teleglitch is a harsh mistress, but the cruelest lessons are often the ones that truly stick with us.


Teleglitch: Die More Edition expands upon the greatness of the original game in every way possible.

PC Gamer

Beneath the lo-fi visuals and simple animation is a sophisticated, thrilling, and occasionally brutal shooter. [Nov 2013, p.64]

A richer and harder version of the original. It's not suitable for everyone but those who get captured by the mechanics of this challenging roguelike will have a compelling experience.


Teleglitch is a unique combination of a number of different, but common, gameplay features that mash-up into a great game.

God is a Geek

It’s solidly built, with slick controls and a mean learning curve but it’s not the kind of game you would sit with for hours on end.

Hooked Gamers

If you know what you’re signing up for - incredibly hard gameplay followed by a lot of repetition - then you will definitely enjoy it.

Eurogamer Italy

Teleglitch is back with the same, hardcore, astounding gameplay. The retro taste of the game is something you’ll remember for a long time, especially considering that even with a pixelated graphic, the game is more fun, thrilling and exiting than many other triple A productions.

Teleglitch is a video game with an ancient flavor, capable of diving the player into one of the best sci-fi atmospheres currently available on the indie scene.

IGN Italia

To beat Teleglitch: Die More Edition you need a lot of patience and resilience, this game can be hard and cruel sometimes. Behind the lo-fi presentation, there's a wonderful shoot'em up, with a rogue like soul and a touch of horror. You'll get scared a lot. And you're gonna love it.


That it does all this without feeling at all compromised in the name of accessibility is testament to its design. [Issue#139, p.117]


As it stands, most of the potential it has feels ultimately wasted, and the price tag seems way too high for what it is at the end of the day – particularly for a game available on the normally somewhat selective Steam service.


It may end in frustration, but its worth playing just to see how it masterfully hits all the survival horror notes with its distinct presentation and vicious design.


Fraught firefights and desperate scavenging in an uncaring world.

Edge Magazine

Atmospheric, tense, and sometimes unfairly hard, Test3′s roguelike is another welcome entry in a resurgent genre.

The Digital Fix

It would be hard not to recommend Teleglitch: Die More Edition because of the completeness of both its vision and its conceit. However, I would preface this recommendation with a warning that this is not for the faint of heart or those prone to rage quits. You will be rewarded for your time spent here, what you have is a masochistic delayed gratification but truth be told, isn’t that the best kind?

Digital Spy

Teleglitch is an admirable attempt at making an immersive and challenging roguelike, but various issues considerably bog the experience down. In particular, its insanely high difficulty and repetitive nature make the game dull and unenjoyable. As a result, it's only recommended for masochistic players.


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