Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of Lounge Lizards Reloaded

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A fantastic introduction to Larry’s amorous adventures, with just enough new content to entertain long-time fans.


Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded provides a heap of content for the cash and even if only to check out a piece of videogaming history, if you're into point'n click adventure gaming, it's worth a peek.


Larry Laffer's innuendo-laden exploits haven't been worth talking about for years, but Replay Games is about to change that.

Pocket Gamer UK

A fine remake, but it can't fix the flaws of the tawdry, outdated original.

Digital Spy

Fans of the original will enjoy seeing Lost Wages with high definition backdrops - and may understand more of the jokes if they played it when they were young - but the wit is not nearly as sharp as you remember it. New players, on the other hand, will simply stare at the screen incredulously, wondering why the remake's Kickstarter was embraced so enthusiastically.

Games Master UK

Horrendous reliance on trial and error. [Oct 2013, p.79]


Streets of Rage 4 Original Soundtrack
30/55, The
Liz Swados Project, The
Nannolage Naanilla From "Chowki" - Single
Cinta Kalut From "Cinta Kalut" - Single
MapleStory OST: RISE
Innocence - Single
KyoukiGensou Grimgard
Mama White Snake