Warner/Chappell Production Music


Unscripted Anticipation
Illuminate: Radiant Discovery - EP
Souls in Gravity
Light Activity
Adventure Fantastíque
Unscripted Anticipation
Pianology: Immersion


Terminus: Intense Hybrid Action Music
Dark Corners: Haunting Themes
Panic Room: Cinematic Horror Suspense
Bad Ass Themes
Sparse Intensity, Vol. 3
Live as Lions
Kill Zone
Enchanted Bass
Blue Ridge Panorama: Tales from the Mountain
Evil Intention
Paranormal: Dark Prophecies
Adventure 5
Emotional Drama, Vol. 2
Emotional Drama, Vol. 3
Chain Reaction
…And the Winner Is: Hip Hollywood Fanfares for the Oscars
World: Moods from Around the World
Visionary, Vol. 2
Visionary, Vol. 1
Glitched Intensity
Classic Game Show Themes, Vol. 2
Spy Royale: Themes from the Underworld
Undaunted As Featured in "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" Wildlands Trailer feat. Danny McCarthy - Single
Burn the Destructor
Battle Beats: Percussive Promos
Machine Head


Shifting Drama
Darkness Below As Featured in the "Get Out" Official Trailer - Single, The
Strange Orbits: Ads & Promos from the Fringe
Urban Crime
Classic Game Show Themes
Realitv Check: Programme & Promo
Music Featured in "Ouija: Origin of Evil" Official Trailer - EP
Partial Recall As Featured in "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" Multiplayer Overview - Single
FANatic: Sports Rock
Losses: Themes of Loneliness Pain & Despair
Into the Cyclone As Featured in "Angry Birds" Official Trailer - Single
Middle East Crime
Magic, Wizardry & Imagination: Fantasy Adventure Themes


Streets of New York: More Retro Cop Show Music & Crime Jams
Miami Five-0: Retro Cop Show Music & Crime Jams
Babylon Z
Waiting in the Dark As Featured in "the Hateful Eight" Official Trailer - Single
They Mostly Come at Night
Far East Adventure As Featured in the "Kung Fu Panda 3" Official Trailer - Single
Catalyst: Beginnings and Bridges
Full Tilt, Vol. 3: Rise & Conquer
Full Tilt, Vol. 2: Clash of Empires
Full Tilt, Vol. 1: Machine Force
Monsters of the Abyss: Mysterious Music of the Deep Ocean
Entrapment As Featured in American Ultra Trailer 2 - Single
Born of Legend
Modern War
Film Scores, Vol. 2
News Promos, Vol 3
Drama Tension Action
Ultimate Drama
Rising Hope
Ultimate Mission
L.A. Pop, Vol. 2
News, Vol. 4: Elections & Patriotic
Explosive Percussion
Hollywood Premieres, Vol. 2
Orchestral Action: Adventure & Drama
Epic Adventure Orchestral
Mystery, Suspense & Horror
Family Adventure
News Packages
Film Scores, Vol. 1
Epic Drums: Mysterious Atmospheres
Sports, Vol. 4
Magic and Mayhem
Dramatic Underscores
Epic Drums: Action
Crime Scene
Drone Attacks
Escape Velocity, Vol. 2
Tension, Suspense & Mystery
Passion Piano and Strings
Sports Extreme, Vol. 1
Sports, Vol. 3
Action Adventure: Dark
Hollywood Premieres
Thematic Scoring Droney Underscores, Vol. 2
Generator: Volatile Orch Rock
Light Drama
News, Promos Vol. 1
Inspiring Retro
Reality TV: Upbeat
Sports Rock, Vol. 2
Dirges, Drones & Disturbed
Inspirational Americana
Pastoral Romance
Extreme Action
Incredible Adventure
Pastoral Romance, Vol. 2
Reality TV: Positive
Minimalist Scores
Rock Orchestra
Action Adventure: Positive
Epic Rock, Vol. 2
Film Scores, Vol. 4
Light Comedy
Explosive Action
News Promos, Vol. 2
Epic Drama, Vol. 2
Minimal Textures and Moods
Sound Design, Vol. 1
Film Scores, Vol. 3
Romance: Heartwarming
Drums and Percussion
Sexy Night Moves
Epic Drama
Edgy Crime
Suspense, Horror & Mystery
Silent Methods, Vol. 1
Survival: Suspense, Action, Drama
Dramatic Impact
Cinematic Tension
Beat Alchemy
Cyber Crime, Vol. 1
Other Worlds: Scene Setters, Vol. 1
Somber Aftermath, Vol. 2
70s Undercover TV: Superbad Action, Adventure & Luuuuv
Throwdown: Intense Drama, Challenge & Triumph
Delicia Bossa, Vol. 1
Awesome Dramatic
Action Beats
American Landscape
Crime Scene Investigation, Vol. 1
Action Chase
Warriors of the Realm: Epic Game Music
Freak Show: Carnival Curiosities and Creepy Circus Music
Dinner for Two: Romantic Candlelight Dinner Party Music
Final Armageddon: Epic Cinematic Orchestral Anthems
Leviathan: Intense Epic Drama


Adventure & Conquest
Dark Kingdom
Dark Kingdom
Retro 70's Private Eye Themes
Spaghetti Western Trailer Music
Somber Aftermath: Dark Haunting Melodies Music of Sorrow and Tragedy
Ultimate Crime & Drama: Abnormal Behavior
Ultimate Crime & Drama: CSI Crime Scene Investigation
Pulp Cinema: Avant Garde Music for Films
Critical Mass
Critical Mass
Alien Annihilation: The Apocalypse
Mysteries & Myths: Dark Gothic Atmospheres
One Step Beyond: Vintage Science Fiction Classics
Quirky Comedy Classics
Black, Vol. 1: Up from the Ashes
Black, Vol. 1: Up from the Ashes
Black, Vol. 2: Cursed
Black, Vol. 2: Cursed
Buried Alive: Ominous Spellbinding Horror Movie Music
Crime, Sin and Evil: Vintage Film Noir
Liberation March As Heard in the "Home" Official Trailer - Single
Fargo, N D: Dark Comedy Crime Drama Themes
Edwardian Abbey: Romantic Period Drama Masterpieces
Adventure, Vol. 3
Fargo, N D: Dark Comedy Crime Drama Themes
Games of Fire: Dystopian Survival Action Themes
Horror Story: American Ghosts, Witches and Freaks
Good, Bad, And the Spaghetti Western: Italian Western Film Trailer Music, The
House and Scandal: A Homeland Thriller Game of Cards
Cowboys, Indians & the Wild West: Vintage Western Trailer Music
Rebirth As Heard on "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Connect Promo - Single
Rebirth As Heard on "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Connect Promo - Single
Risen Immortal As Heard on "Muppets Most Wanted" Game Day Extended Spot - Single
Convergence As Heard on "Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD" Justice for All Trailer - Single
Big Guns: Tough Guy Blockbuster Action Themes, The


Dark Night: Superhero Trailer Music
End Game
Heroes Peril: Epic Battle Trailer Music
50 Vintage Movie and Television Sound and Music Special Effects
Swingin' London! 60's Spy Movie Trailer Music
Master of Menace: Swashbuckling Pirate Film Trailer Music
Epic Trailer Anthems: Symphonic Film Classics
English Countryside: Pastoral Vintage Movie Trailer Music
Under Siege: Epic Action Movie Trailer Music
World of Tomorrow - Futuristic Space Age Movie Trailer Music
Roaring 20s - Vintage Jazz and Jive from Movie Trailers
Cloak and Dagger - Vintage Suspense Movie Trailer Music
Silver Screen Romance - Vintage Hollywood Movie Trailer Music
Hollywood Weepies - Vintage Romantic Film Trailer Music
Hiding in the Woods - Vintage Fairy Tale Movie Trailer Music
Big Country - Trailer Music from the Golden Age of Western Movies
Epic Journey: Sweeping Themes
Annihilation: Epic Rock from Movies and Film Trailers
Killer Dubstep: Epic Orchestral Electronic Trailer and Movie Tracks
Crimes of Passion: Classic Movie Trailer Music
Weepy Films: Haunting Movie Trailer Music
Armageddon - Ultimate Action Film Trailer Music
At Hell's Gate - Epic Movie Trailer Music


Adventure 2
Action 2
Suspense 1
Glamorous Hollywood: Classic Film Music from the Red Carpet & Silver Screen
Pirates! Swashbuckling Adventure Film Trailer Music
Oscar Nights: Glamorous Fanfares for Hollywood's Red Carpet
Pirates! Swashbuckling Adventure Film Trailer Music
Oscar Nights - Glamorous Fanfares for Hollywood's Red Carpet
From Another Planet: Music from Classic Science Fiction Shows
Glamorous Hollywood - Classic Film Music from the Red Carpet and Silver Screen
Cowboys & the Movies - A Western Soundtrack and Film Trailer Collection
INTENSITAT - in-ten-suh-teyt The State or Quality of Being Overly Intense
Blood and Glory: A Collection of Epic Battle Movie Trailer Music


Skyscraper Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ocean's 8 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tag Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
ZOMBIES Original TV Movie Soundtrack
ในส่วนที่ลึกที่สุด เพลงประกอบละคร "อาตี๋ของผม" - Single
Midnight Sun Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ant-Man and the Wasp Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Cloak & Dagger Original Television Series Soundtrack
Deadpool 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe Edition