Warner/Chappell Production Music


Live as Lions
Kill Zone
Enchanted Bass
Blue Ridge Panorama: Tales from the Mountain
Evil Intention
Paranormal: Dark Prophecies
Adventure 5
Emotional Drama, Vol. 2
Emotional Drama, Vol. 3
Chain Reaction
And the Winner Is: Hip Hollywood Fanfares for the Oscars
World: Moods from Around the World
Glitched Intensity
Classic Game Show Themes, Vol. 2
Spy Royale: Themes from the Underworld
Visionary, Vol. 2
Visionary, Vol. 1
Undaunted As Featured in "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" Wildlands Trailer feat. Danny McCarthy - Single
Burn the Destructor
Battle Beats: Percussive Promos
Machine Head


Shifting Drama
Darkness Below As Featured in the "Get Out" Official Trailer - Single, The
Strange Orbits: Ads & Promos from the Fringe
Urban Crime
Classic Game Show Themes
Realitv Check: Programme & Promo
Music Featured in "Ouija: Origin of Evil" Official Trailer - EP
Partial Recall As Featured in "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" Multiplayer Overview - Single
FANatic: Sports Rock
Losses: Themes of Loneliness Pain & Despair
Into the Cyclone As Featured in "Angry Birds" Official Trailer - Single
Middle East Crime
Magic, Wizardry & Imagination: Fantasy Adventure Themes


Miami Five-0: Retro Cop Show Music & Crime Jams
Streets of New York: More Retro Cop Show Music & Crime Jams
Babylon Z
Waiting in the Dark As Featured in "the Hateful Eight" Official Trailer - Single
They Mostly Come at Night
Far East Adventure As Featured in the "Kung Fu Panda 3" Official Trailer - Single
Catalyst: Beginnings and Bridges
Full Tilt, Vol. 1: Machine Force
Full Tilt, Vol. 3: Rise & Conquer
Full Tilt, Vol. 2: Clash of Empires
Monsters of the Abyss: Mysterious Music of the Deep Ocean
Entrapment As Featured in American Ultra Trailer 2 - Single
Born of Legend
Film Scores, Vol. 4
Light Comedy
Action Adventure: Positive
Epic Rock, Vol. 2
Epic Drama, Vol. 2
Minimal Textures and Moods
Explosive Action
News Promos, Vol. 2
Sound Design, Vol. 1
Film Scores, Vol. 3
Romance: Heartwarming
Sexy Night Moves
Epic Drama
Drums and Percussion
Film Scores, Vol. 2
News Promos, Vol 3
Modern War
Ultimate Drama
Rising Hope
Ultimate Mission
Drama Tension Action
Explosive Percussion
L.A. Pop, Vol. 2
News, Vol. 4: Elections & Patriotic
Epic Adventure Orchestral
Mystery, Suspense & Horror
Hollywood Premieres, Vol. 2
Orchestral Action: Adventure & Drama
Film Scores, Vol. 1
Epic Drums: Mysterious Atmospheres
Family Adventure
News Packages
Dramatic Underscores
Epic Drums: Action
Sports, Vol. 4
Magic and Mayhem
Escape Velocity, Vol. 2
Tension, Suspense & Mystery
Crime Scene
Drone Attacks
Sports, Vol. 3
Action Adventure: Dark
Hollywood Premieres
Passion Piano and Strings
Sports Extreme, Vol. 1
Light Drama
News, Promos Vol. 1
Thematic Scoring Droney Underscores, Vol. 2
Generator: Volatile Orch Rock
Sports Rock, Vol. 2
Dirges, Drones & Disturbed
Inspiring Retro
Reality TV: Upbeat
Extreme Action
Incredible Adventure
Inspirational Americana
Pastoral Romance
Minimalist Scores
Rock Orchestra
Pastoral Romance, Vol. 2
Reality TV: Positive
American Landscape
Crime Scene Investigation, Vol. 1
Action Chase
Edgy Crime
Suspense, Horror & Mystery
Silent Methods, Vol. 1
Survival: Suspense, Action, Drama
Dramatic Impact
Cinematic Tension
Beat Alchemy
Cyber Crime, Vol. 1
Other Worlds: Scene Setters, Vol. 1
70s Undercover TV: Superbad Action, Adventure & Luuuuv
Somber Aftermath, Vol. 2
Throwdown: Intense Drama, Challenge & Triumph
Delicia Bossa, Vol. 1
Awesome Dramatic
Action Beats
Warriors of the Realm: Epic Game Music
Freak Show: Carnival Curiosities and Creepy Circus Music
Dinner for Two: Romantic Candlelight Dinner Party Music
Final Armageddon: Epic Cinematic Orchestral Anthems
Leviathan: Intense Epic Drama


Dark Kingdom
Dark Kingdom
Adventure & Conquest
Retro 70's Private Eye Themes
Spaghetti Western Trailer Music
Somber Aftermath: Dark Haunting Melodies Music of Sorrow and Tragedy
Ultimate Crime & Drama: Abnormal Behavior
Ultimate Crime & Drama: CSI Crime Scene Investigation
Pulp Cinema: Avant Garde Music for Films
Critical Mass
Critical Mass
Quirky Comedy Classics
One Step Beyond: Vintage Science Fiction Classics The Music of Harry Lubin
Alien Annihilation: The Apocalypse
One Step Beyond: Vintage Science Fiction Classics
Mysteries & Myths: Dark Gothic Atmospheres
Black, Vol. 1: Up from the Ashes
Black, Vol. 2: Cursed
Black, Vol. 1: Up from the Ashes
Black, Vol. 2: Cursed
Buried Alive: Ominous Spellbinding Horror Movie Music
Crime, Sin and Evil: Vintage Film Noir
Liberation March As Heard in the "Home" Official Trailer - Single
Fargo, N D: Dark Comedy Crime Drama Themes
Fargo, N D: Dark Comedy Crime Drama Themes
Games of Fire: Dystopian Survival Action Themes
Horror Story: American Ghosts, Witches and Freaks
Edwardian Abbey: Romantic Period Drama Masterpieces
Adventure, Vol. 3
Good, Bad, And the Spaghetti Western: Italian Western Film Trailer Music, The
House and Scandal: A Homeland Thriller Game of Cards
Cowboys, Indians & the Wild West: Vintage Western Trailer Music
Rebirth As Heard on "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Connect Promo - Single
Rebirth As Heard on "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Connect Promo - Single
Convergence As Heard on "Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD" Justice for All Trailer - Single
Risen Immortal As Heard on "Muppets Most Wanted" Game Day Extended Spot - Single
Convergence As Heard on "Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD" Justice for All Trailer - Single
Big Guns: Tough Guy Blockbuster Action Themes, The


Dark Night: Superhero Trailer Music
End Game
Heroes Peril: Epic Battle Trailer Music
Swingin' London! 60's Spy Movie Trailer Music
Master of Menace: Swashbuckling Pirate Film Trailer Music
50 Vintage Movie and Television Sound and Music Special Effects
Epic Trailer Anthems: Symphonic Film Classics
English Countryside: Pastoral Vintage Movie Trailer Music
Under Siege: Epic Action Movie Trailer Music
Big Country - Trailer Music from the Golden Age of Western Movies
World of Tomorrow - Futuristic Space Age Movie Trailer Music
Roaring 20s -Vintage Jazz and Jive from Movie Trailers
Cloak and Dagger - Vintage Suspense Movie Trailer Music
Silver Screen Romance - Vintage Hollywood Movie Trailer Music
Hollywood Weepies - Vintage Romantic Film Trailer Music
Hiding in the Woods - Vintage Fairy Tale Movie Trailer Music
Weepy Films: Haunting Movie Trailer Music
Epic Journey: Sweeping Themes
Annihilation: Epic Rock from Movies and Film Trailers
Killer Dubstep: Epic Orchestral Electronic Trailer and Movie Tracks
Crimes of Passion: Classic Movie Trailer Music
Armageddon - Ultimate Action Film Trailer Music
At Hell's Gate - Epic Movie Trailer Music


Suspense 1
Adventure 2
Action 2
From Another Planet: Music from Classic Science Fiction Shows
Oscar Nights: Glamorous Fanfares for Hollywood's Red Carpet
Glamorous Hollywood: Classic Film Music from the Red Carpet & Silver Screen
Pirates! Swashbuckling Adventure Film Trailer Music
Pirates! Swashbuckling Adventure Film Trailer Music
Oscar Nights - Glamorous Fanfares for Hollywood's Red Carpet
From Another Planet - Music from Classic Science Fiction Shows
Glamorous Hollywood - Classic Film Music from the Red Carpet and Silver Screen
Cowboys & the Movies - A Western Soundtrack and Film Trailer Collection
INTENSITAT - in-ten-suh-teyt The State or Quality of Being Overly Intense
Blood and Glory: A Collection of Epic Battle Movie Trailer Music


Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Awesome Mix Vol. 2
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Original Soundtrack
Everything, Everything Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Hitman's Bodyguard Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Baby Driver Music from the Motion Picture
Baywatch Music From the Motion Picture
Emoji Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Original Soundtrack
Emoji Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The