Chris Huelsbeck Interview: Composer of Symphonic Shades (August 2008)

Across the next few weeks, we will publish a series of English translations of interviews with those involved with Symphonic Shades - Huelsbeck in Concert. The German versions of the interviews can be read at the official website for the concert.

Chris Huelsbeck is a legendary German game musician whose work will be celebrated in Symphonic Shades - Huelsbeck in Concert. He has also composed Caravan of the Elephants exclusively for the concert.

Interview Content

Q: Chris Huelsbeck, today you will travel to Germany. Are you excited?

A: Because of all the preparations, and because I moved recently, I haven't even have time to get excited yet. But I am pretty sure that I will get excited while I'm sitting in my airplane for 11 hours, where I do not have to do anything. There I will think a lot about the upcoming days and the concert.

Q: Are you going to attend the rehearsals?

A: Definitely. I will attend all rehearsals. I will watch the musicians and the conductor and I will enjoy being there. I am also greatly looking forward to discuss last details with Jonne Valtonen and Arnold Roth.

Q: Besides working on Symphonic Shades, what are your plans in Cologne?

A: I am planning to do sightseeing together with my girlfriend who never has been to Germany before. Of course I want to relax a bit, too, before the big concert day.

Q: Are there any arrangements you are looking forward to the most?

You really have to believe me when I am saying: I think all arrangements are so incredibly good that I cannot tell you about a favorite piece at this moment.

Q: Regardless of this, is there a piece that is especially interesting or special to you?

A: As said, such a choice is very, very difficult to make. If I have to make a decision, I would say Caravan of the Elephants. The reason is that it is a new piece where I did parts of the orchestration by myself, so I am especially curious to hear it live.

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