'Electronica: 8bit'

Adventures of Batman and Robin, The 1995
CD / 19 tracks

Askr Original Soundtrack 2017
Digital Release / 20 tracks
Super Marcato Bros.

BIO?-?GUN Soundtrack 2017
Digital Release / 4 tracks
Juhani Junkala

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King OST 2017
Digital Release / 43 tracks
Visager (distributed by Bandcamp

Crawl OST 2017
Digital Release / 11 tracks
Alex Yoder (distributed by Bandcamp

Crypt of the Necrodancer: The Synthwave Cuts 2016
Digital Release / 20 tracks
Girlfriend Records (distributed by Bandcamp)

Cryptidalia 2010
Digital Release / 10 tracks

Darwinia Soundtrack: Listen To Us 2005
CD / 6 tracks
Introversion Software

Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation 2013
Digital Release / 8 tracks
OverClocked ReMix

Down and Dangerous Original Music from the Motion Picture 2014
Digital Release / 11 tracks
Artis Entertainment

Dracula Densetsu ReBirth & Contra ReBirth Original Soundtrack 2010
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Flinthook Original Soundtrack 2017
Digital Release / 23 tracks
Patrice Bourgeault (distributed by Bandcamp

Flywrench OST 2015
Digital Release / 12 tracks
Magical Properties (distributed by Bandcamp

FRACT OSC Soundtrack 2014
Digital Release / 17 tracks
Mogi Grumbles (distributed by Bandcamp)

Gunhouse OST 2015
Digital Release / 10 tracks
Disasterpeace (distributed by Bandcamp

Gunmetal Arcadia Zero OST 2016
Digital Release / 29 tracks
J. Kyle Pittman (distributed by Bandcamp

Gunslugs 2013
Digital Release / 6 tracks
Gavin Harrison

Hive Jump 2017
Digital Release / 47 tracks
Big Giant Circles (distributed by Bandcamp)

Jack B. Nimble Original Soundtrack 2017
Digital Release / 14 tracks
Barry Topping

Digital Release / 5 tracks
Mirror Forge (distributed by Bandcamp

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