TinkerBell & WendyBell Vocal Collection
TinkerBell & WendyBell Vocal Collection 理由はいらない、真理絵だもの

TinkerBell & WendyBell Vocal Collection. Front. Click to zoom.
TinkerBell & WendyBell Vocal Collection
Composed by simmy / Triodesign
Published by TinkerBell
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Release date November 3, 2019
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Sold at Marie 15+1 Anniversary LIVE!!. Limited to 100 copies.

M01 - "Zoku Etsuraku no Tane" Opening Theme
M02 - "Mugen no Sakura ~Hitsuya-hime Injoku Youshokutan~" Opening Theme
M03 - "Grand Guignol no Yoru" Ending Theme
M04 - "Oyako×Shuffle! ~Natsuyasumi, W Oyako no Icha Icha Houimou~" Opening Theme
M05 - "Katekyo Shichao! ~Hitotsu Yane no Shita, Muhyohyo Gasshuku Monogatari~" Opening Theme
M06 - "Fit Shichao! ~Toshiue Josei to Asedaku Lesson Hatsutaiken~" Opening Theme
M07 - "Cosplay Ecchi ~Layer Kana no Yuuutsu~" Opening Theme
M08 - "Ecchi Kara Koi o Hiite mo, Tomodachi ni Sae Narenai." Opening Theme
M09 - "Hoiku Shichao! ~Ecchi na Toshiue Hobo-san to Ichaicha Oyuugi~" Opening Theme
M10 - "Youka no Sono" Opening Theme
M11 - "Naze ka Kanojo ga Boku ni Ecchi o Sematte Kuru Ken" Opening Theme
M12 - "Shin'yaku In'youchuu" Opening Theme
M13 - "Grand Guignol no Yoru" Opening Theme
M14 - "Eijin-sou" Ending Theme

SiMMY (01, 02, 05-07, 10, 12-14)
saiquatz-Q (03)
TrioDesign (04, 08, 11)
りらぞう (09)

TrioDesign (01-05, 07-14)
SiMMY (06)

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